Established in February 2001 as Engineers group(mainly from major engineering company in Korea) with extensive experiences and specialized technologies, CANDO Co., Ltd. has been successfully performing various projects in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction for Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Industrial Plants.

Giving our priorities to experiences(people) and technologies, which are critical factors in Plant Engineering, we are investing in establishment of various experts and efficient system. We are convinced that our experts and system can meet Clients¡¯ needs with satisfaction.

  Participating in national policy projects such as development of clean and substitute energy, we try to contribute to developing new technologies for the future wellbeing life.

Our goal is to be an Excellent Company to provide the best engineering services to Clients, and to offer a bright vision to Employee.

We ¡®CAN DO¡¯ provide the best solution ¡®for you¡¯ in Plant Engineering and we will do our best to be your most reliable business partner.
  Hyoman Im
President & CEO
CANDO Co., Ltd.