- Basic Engineering  
      Feasibility Study  
Many clients need an estimate when a project is in the planning stage, before any commitment is made. For the successful development of every project, CANDO provides not only cost estimation service for the project but also produces an optimized project scheme after considering the economy and technology so that our client can review the estimate and consider a better value alternative if the budget is not met. CANDO makes accurate feasibility studies formated to the client’s needs to take advantage of our experience.
      CANDO can provide the following services during this phase of feasibiliting study.  
        - Preliminary Scheme Review : Process Analysis, Site Survey & Technical Evaluation  
        - Budgetary estimating  
        - Economic Analysis  
  Process Simulation  
    The process simulation allows preparing the several critical and essential data such as mass & heat balance, physical properties and loading data for column design, transfer equipment, pipe sizing and instrumentations. The process simulation is useful to basic design for the refinery plant,
petrochemical plant and chemical plant.
    The services of process simulation for the following applications are available.  
       - Modernizing and revamping existing plant design
   - Evaluating alternative plant configurations
   - Optimizing and improving plant yields and profitability
   - Debottlenecking
   - Utility system optimization
  Basic Design  
    The services of basic design for the following applications are available.  
      - PFD & Material Balance  
      - P&ID  
      - Mechanical Design  
      - Instrument & Electrical Design  
      - Piping Design  
      - Civil & Architecture Design  
- Detail Design & Engineering  
    · Process design
· Mechanical design
· Piping design
· Electrical design
· Instrumentation & Control design
· Civil/Structure, Architecture design
· HVAC design, Fire fighting design
· Waste treatment design
· 3D Modeling
· Field Engineering